About the Business

RJW CCTV is based in Birkenshaw near Bradford and has built the business on our own local reputation – through customers who have had a really good experience using our equipment and told friends and family that they highly recommend our services.

We believe that our customers are always right and we strive to deliver complete satisfaction with every system we set up.

RJW Engineers are there to provide the best possible customer service, including:

  • Explaining where the best place to install the CCTV equipment is
  • Showing customers how to work their Digital Video Recorder system
  • Helping to download the monitoring app to smartphone or tablet
  • Demonstrating how to use it from anywhere in the world

We supply the latest CCTV technology (including bullet, dome and hidden pin cameras from HikVision, one of the world’s most innovative CCTV and monitoring companies) allowing you to monitor your home or business from smartphone, tablet and monitor or TV from absolutely anywhere – in the office, on holiday, literally anywhere!

Using the best technology means that we can capture the best footage, helping you to keep your home or business safe and secure. Get in touch to find out how we can help you!